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When life comes to an end ,
we will take nothing with us.
Vicious cycle
How can I change my approach to death without being manipulated from theories of religion and stereotypes of society? How we can live without framing and afraid of death? Death must be a celebration, a circle of life. If not for death would we appreciate life?
Growing up in a materialistic world, being puppets of our society.
A system that is eating us from the inside out.
Self mutilation every singe day…
I don’t want to remember anymore
A bunch full of memories,
Latter of life, endless stairs, up and down.
Prisoners of our brain
We are all prisoners of our thoughts.
Unclose your mind, Restart.
Break out of the bubble,
Chase your own light,
Open your eyes.


” Death is nothing to us. When we exist death does not; and when death exists, we do not. All sensation and consciousness end with death and therefore in death there is neither pleasure nor pain. The fear of death arises from the belief that in death, the is awareness”
– Epicure-

Cut the ropes of society and religion that interfere with your growth. Free yourself from religious tyranny and stereotypes of society. Desire for self-actualization.

Concept and Choreography : Maria Charalambous
Performers: Amanda Marin, Vanessa Pechtold, Deborah Manavi, Emma Feichtner, Brian Liu
Photos : Karl-Heinz Mierke


“My cortisol is manipulating me…it’s not me. I have misunderstood everything, and I am lonely. I chose isolation. Silence is my partner and insomnia is my best friend. I need empathy people…don’t blame me I am the ‘hidden wind’ feel me. My name is post-traumatic stress disorder, but they call me PTSD. I am a mental problem, and I don’t live far from you I live in your brain. The perception of time is changing but that memory is stored in every cell of my body, reversing, and looping that moment all the time. An empty voice scratches my throat and my soft skin is surrounded by a room that is full of people. The system is broken. I can’t handle myself… I need you.”

Sound&Edit: Sleep Research Facility, Mika Vainio, Johann Johansson, Leda Papadopoulou, Costas Manolopoulos.

Materials: A.Giannakou kai Yios LDT
Photos : Ioanna Sinclair


Created within the D.A.I.R (Dance Artist in Residency 2022).
Acting out post-traumatic stress.
Tracing the liminal existential trajectories imposed by the very difficult sustain the reality of mental illness.
Exploring in-depth the ways and terms in which the situations, emotions, and events of life are understood and integrated into the vulnerable psychic being.

Choreography/Concept : Maria Charalambous
Sound&Edit: Sleep Research Facility, Mika Vainio, Johann Johansson, Leda Papadopoulou, Costas Manolopoulos.
Video : Giorgos Stylianou
Photos: Adelina Burnescu, Sergio Vaccaro

Performance Lab 2022


‘Performance Lab 2022’
Curated by Lia Haraki.In a frame of Open up. Open up is a co-funded by the Creative Europe programme. 
Supported by Pierides Foundation / Nimac

Perfomance Artist

Here are some projects where I participated as a perfomance artist.